Thursday, 25 January 2007

Writing Portfolio

"So, what do you do?"
"I'm a journalist."
"Oh really? What kind?"
"Well, I mostly write about films, but I also write about video games, comics, and other things."
"Have you written for anywhere I should know?"

I've had the pleasure of having my work published both online and in print by a number of publications. Here are a few notable gigs (for further examples, click on the links in the 'My Writing Elsewhere...' sidebar):

Den of Geek ( - All purpose entertainment website. Contributed over 200 articles, including reviews and features covering film, video games and comics. Preview coverage, such as press screening, set visit and interview material for Avatar, Inglourious Basterds and Public Enemies. Key piece: interview with Coraline writer Neil Gaiman. (Read more.)

Sight & Sound ( - Long-running film journal, published by the British Film Institute. Worked as a researcher for the magazine in 2010, providing transcribing, proof-reading and fact-checking work, as well as advising the editorial team on their social media presence. Contributed film review of Mega Piranha. (Read more.)

Little White Lies ( - Sumptuously-designed film magazine. Contributed film reviews both in print and online, including The Be All And End All. (Read more.)

Film International ( - Academic film journal. Contributed critical film essays, appearing both online and in print, including pieces on Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park, Maurice Pialat's La Gueule Ouverte and Al Reinert's For All Mankind. (Read more.) ( - Online film website. Contributed film reviews, interviews, and red carpet coverage, including a piece on Women Without Men, a conversation with Warwick Thornton, and a report from the Alice in Wonderland premiere. (Read more.)

Micro Mart ( - Specialist technology and computing print magazine. Contributed feature content, including '20 Games For Your Laptop' and '20 Indie Games You Really Should Try' articles. (Read more.)

Film and Festivals Magazine ( - Specialist film webzine. Contributed festival preview features and columns; festival reports, such as coverage of the 2008 London Turkish Film Festival; lead feature in 'New Wave of British Cinema' issue. (Read more.)

Gamasutra ( - Specialist video game industry analysis web service. Contributed feature 'Classics Live Again: The Art of Downloadable Remakes'.

Wild Tyme ( - Personal blog, for which I write articles and opinion pieces on film, music, literature and video games. Site also used as portfolio for all other published work.