Sunday, 13 April 2008

[15] Dissertation Digest, and moving on...

I now have a full rough draft of my dissertation on this blog. I'll gather links to all the posts here for simplicity and ease of navigation (especially as I wrote and posted them out of order):

Chapter 1 - Problems of Translation: The Case of the Seagull

Chapter 2 - By Any Other Name...? The Russian Patronymic and Diminutive

Chapter 3 - Istanbul, not Constantinople... or Byzantium: Translating Place

Chapter 4 - Gone, but still forgotten? Nikolay Nekrasov in Translation

Chapter 5 - Gogological Problems in The Seagull

Chapter 6 - Pushkin and Shovin'

Chapter 7 - The Universal Bard? Shakespeare in The Seagull

Chapter 8 - Conclusion

The titles are still work in progress. Perhaps because of my approach to writing this, the chapters do not segue as well as they should. The chapters I posted earlier, especially 3 and 5, are incredibly sketchy, and will require the most work from now on. This draft is also way too long. My word limit is 6000 words; this draft is 10,000. Luckily, I have two and a half weeks to tweak it. Unfortunately, I think I might have to cut out whole chapters, and I worry that the less-literary examples (2 and 3) will have to face the chopping board.

This is probably the last dissertation-inclined post I'll put on here. Although, when I finish, I might link to a googledocs page with the final draft.


I now have to move on to working on a Linguistics essay discussing English as an International Language. I'm focusing on English Lyrics in Japanese music, and the ideologies, opinions and quality judgements inherent in the use of English. I'll probably post something from that on here in due time.

I am also planning on writing a short mini-essay about the use of memory (psychological and cultural), photographs and fantasy in Chris Marker's La Jetée, as part of my revision for an exam in May. Hopefully I'll have the time to write this in the next few days.


Mario Kart Wii is a good game. It is not ground-breaking, and I don't think it is in the same league as the original, or the DS iteration from 2005. It is, however, a very big step in the right direction from the Gamecube installment, Double Dash.

On the whole, it is very well designed, the Wi-Fi multiplayer functionality shows Nintendo thinking seriously about online content. It is a hard game; I was tag-teaming with two housemates - with expert knowledge of the franchise between us - and we were still finding 150cc difficult. It looks nice and plays well - however, the minor niggles and frustrations build up. I hope to finish off my proper review later on today.

It also has the worst boxart for a major Nintendo franchise I've ever seen. I understand the foregrounding of the Wii Wheel (which works well on lower settings, but is not responsive enough for the more intense moments), but this was a publicity shot from months ago. The outer box, game case, and manual all have this picture. It seems a bit lazy, considering the beautiful art for recent Wii games.


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