Friday, 18 April 2008

[18] Experimental Blogging

Much to my pleasant surprise, my previous post got picked up by GoNintendo, and in turn, and, amongst other sites. I'm incredibly grateful for the plugs, and thanks to everyone who had a read. I'm glad it's pricked up some discussion.

I wrote the piece alongside the review, which I submitted to CC2K. It was my attempt at a provocative 'opinion' piece, more in the style of what you read on gaming blogs. The topic of Mario Kart Wii's tracks was something that I'd thought about a lot in preparation of my review, but scrapped because, well, it was a little self-indulgent, the intended reader had to know a lot about Mario, Mario Kart and Nintendo to understand it, and it was also relatively 'dashed off' for me, as I usually spend a lot of time on my writing.

So I gave it a home here. It gave me the chance to experiment with different methods of publicising my blog. I've been writing here for over 3 months now, and, up until yesterday, had about 50 visits in total. These had mostly come from my infrequent postings on forums and sites like reddit and digg. I used the opportunity afforded by a provocative title and 'list' format to submit the post to sites like GoNintendo, which do feature original work, but are mostly made up of interesting, related links to other sites. Having a link on sites like these can really 'break' a post, and in the 24 or so hours since my post went up, I've had 2000 hits. This is really fantastic.

If anyone who has read the post wishes to stick around, feel free. I can't promise any more gaming-related posts for the time being, as my final year exams are looming. I do have some film-related posts coming up, and maybe some music reviews. I do have a shipment of import DS games coming in, so depending on my impressions of Contra 4, Professor Layton and the Curious Village and Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, I might post more up here.

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