Wednesday, 28 May 2008

[26] The Game Heroes

Just a short one today. I have finished my exams, and I do have a lot of content planned; I'm just finding it hard to find the time to write it properly.

This week sees the launch of the video game media site The Game Heroes.

The site is mainly run by a group of personalities who found internet-fame with their work on, which had a lot of videos picked up by Gametrailers. I've been aware of Handsome Tom and Perfect Liz's work for a while, and it was a shame when they split from Screwattack.

However, this new venture looks pretty good.

They have recruited a few good presenters who have their own distinct personalities and expertise, and the site as a whole is branching out a little. Geoff Sexyness is witty and brings a lot of tech and pc based discussion to the site, and Elite Alyssa is covering comics, animation and roleplaying. Another segment features a host taking you through certain game theme tunes with a depth beyond the usual youtube 'watch me play vampire killer' videos. Also, the site features blogs and other interesting things, such as game collections and 'top game picks'.

It's all still in the early stages, but their trial videos over the last month or so have shown a lot of potential. Hopefully this will shape up to be something special. Check it out.

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