Thursday, 2 October 2008

[47] In Peckham... Update

I don't have the internet at home at the moment, so this will have to be a stopgap post.

- I have moved into my place in Peckham, and we're currently sorting out all those little things. There won't be any internet until next week, so I've had to make do with the free wi-fi service at Peckham Library (which rarely/barely works, so I'm using one of their computers).

- Peckham Library is a fantastic, colourful, Tetris-block-shaped building, with wonderful views of the centre of London. Its collection of fiction, graphic novels and DVDs is really good. I can see myself spending a lot of time here as money and storage space become tight.

- I've also started applying for jobs - we'll see how that pans out.

- Issue #51 of Superman/Batman came out last week. It is the second and final issue of the Lil' Leaguers storyline, which I have written about in the past. Most of the reviews I have read of this issue were negative, with reviewers citing disappointment over the issue's hit-miss ratio in terms of ideas and jokes. Well, I can't help but agree that the issue is less entertaining in purely humorous sense, but that was only half the enjoyment for me anyway. As covered in the past, I was just as attracted to the subterranean thematics that were present and this issue develops on these aspects (with varying success). I might write a proper piece on this at some point.

- I have bought my ticket to see Neil Gaiman at LSE on October 31st (Halloween, no less). This should right the wrong of when I couldn't make it to a reading/signing he did in Manchester years ago in support of Coraline.

That's it for the moment, I hope to post more in the next week. I did have pictures of the house to post, but the archaic form of IE that is installed on this computer only works with raw text editing for Blogger. Curious.

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Cazzle said...

I am so. very. jealous of that library. It's beautiful! Our graphic novel collection is not great, being comprised of guesswork and requests. I am the only senior (/member of staff??) with any clue about them anyway. (Translation: I have read the first few volumes of Sandman and I know who Frank Millar, Joe Sacco and Stan Lee are. This is still more than most of the others.)

I am very envious that you'll be seeing Neil Gaiman!

Hope that your new place is happy and good. xxx