Wednesday, 8 October 2008

[49] Chimaira - Resurrection (FtV)

From the vaults, a short album review I once wrote for Redbrick, the University of Birmingham student paper. Due to the pretty restrictive word count, I experimented in an economic style that sacrificed words, but not information.


This new effort from Chimaira is more frustrating than promising. Over the 60-minute runtime, the Ohio sextet shows some ambition, but they obviously feel more at home in their tired metalcore comfort-zone. ‘Six’ has a lengthy, progressive structure and ‘Empire’ is indebted to such Black Metal bands as Dimmu Borgir; the use of keyboards on both, however sparse, does add depth to the somewhat canned production. These are undisputed standouts, but such moments of genre transcendence are brief.

The vocals, likewise, show some attempt at variation: however, moments of Opeth-like clean harmony, or Black Metal rasping, quickly revert back to generic yelping or Phil Anselmo grunts. It’s easy to say the lyrics kill any claim to integrity – scores of typically maladjusted, alienated lines litter the album (‘No Reason to Live’, ‘Worthless’). Not likely to convert the masses.

Originally published in Redbrick, 02/02/07

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