Friday, 10 October 2008

[50] Farewell, DVDSpot

It has been brought to my attention that DVDSpot, the DVD collection website, is shutting down. I've been a member of the community for over three years now, and I felt it was quite a nifty resource, allowing users to catalogue their collections, as well as log their film-watching habits, and set up 'Movie Nights'. As a person that watches a lot of films, DVDSpot came the closest to a diary that I had, and reviewing the list of DVDs I have watched over the last couple of years is an effective jog on the memory.

One aspect of DVDSpot that I respected was its strong community of forum users and contributors; members were encouraged to expand the database of DVD releases, and upload entries themselves (not unlike similar-but-with-albums site Nevertheless, I am sure this resource was expensive and time-consuming, especially as it was offered free and without ads. The DVDSpot team have said that they will be dedicating their time to other web-based services. I wish them well.

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