Saturday, 18 October 2008

[52] Charlie Chaplin in London

Charles Chaplin is one of London's more famous children. However, I'm always surprised at how it is countries other than the UK, usually in Europe, which celebrate this great figure in the history of cinematic comedy.

Nevertheless, there are some monuments to Chaplin in his birthplace. Possibly the most popular, recognisable of these is a statue in Leicester Square (a copy of an arguably better situated statue in Vevey, the Swiss town he called home in his later life).

The Tramp in Leicester Square

Less impressive, but no less significant, is a pub in Southwark, near Elephant and Castle tube station, called The Charlie Chaplin. The pub is situated not far from Walworth, the inner city district where he was born in 1889.

The Charlie Chaplin, Elephant and Castle

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