Thursday, 23 October 2008

[55] Gosh!

On my travels around central London yesterday, I decided to check out Gosh!, a comics shop that stands facing the British Museum. I vaguely remember seeing it (closed, at the time) when I once went on a school trip to London, some years ago. It had completely slipped my mind, until I read a great, informative post on London comics shops over at the London Loves Comics blog.

Gosh! has been established for over two decades, and has a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. It is independent and welcoming in a similar way to Orbital Comics, although it is much better laid out. From what I could see, its trade collection was quite solid; what I did like was that there were many little signs scattered throughout the shelves, highlighting key creators, franchises, and books of note (in a much more detailed capacity than I have seen in other shops).

There were impressive sections dedicated to picture books, illustrated children's books and newspaper strip collections. Again, this is an area which other London shops don't handle very well. I was particularly impressed by the amount of English-language Disney comic collections they had on offer, mostly imported of course. Downstairs there was a great little Manga section, as well as a small but intriguing selection of indie/arty comic books (outside of the Urbis Manga exhibition, this is the first place I've found Jiro Taniguchi's The Walking Man on sale).

There was a lot to like, and I could have easily spent much more money than I have spare. I ended up restricting myself to the HarperCollins edition of Neil Gaiman's latest novel, The Graveyard Book, which has illustrations by Dave McKean (the UK Bloomsbury edition has different illustrations, by Chris Riddell).

As we were leaving, I was a little starstruck to see Paul Gambaccini stroll in and peruse a huge pile of comics that had been set aside for him. I'm sure that is as good an endorsement as any.

From this first visit, I'm quite impressed by Gosh!. I'll no doubt be going back in the future.

Check Gosh! online store here (currently out of action), or comics blog here.

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Dom Sutton said...

Yeah Gambaccini's in there every Thursday and seems to buy everything that comes out. I think him and Jonathan Ross might've tried to open their own comic shop at some point in the distant past.