Thursday, 20 November 2008

[79] Morning Roundup, Poetry in Peckham, Odd and the Frost Giants etc.

Last night I went down to Persepolis, Peckham's (London's? The country's?) top Persian emporium, for a night of poetry and performance, held as part of the Peckham Literary Festival.

The proceedings were overseen by "Jazzman" John Clarke (myspace), and those in attendance were treated to some impressive stuff. I had to leave during the break, but that's not to the detriment of the talent on offer. The first half had a great mix of music and spoken word. Poets included Isabel White, Graham Pollock and Bernadette Cremin (myspace). There was also a short set from a wonderful, soulful folkie called Sophie Knightley (definitely check her myspace).

Sadly, couldn't find much internet matter for the other performers, although it seems that Graham Pollock commented on one of Adrian Dennings' album reviews for The Fall. Nice one.

Lovely night, and hopefully a sign of things to come from Persepolis. A perfect, unique venue for such events, full of evocative and exotic aromas.

Tonight I'll be back there again for an evening with Glen Baxter. Check out the full listings for the Peckham Literary Festival here.


In other literary news, I finally got around to reading Neil Gaiman's Odd and the Frost Giants yesterday. It was originally released earlier this year, as part of the World Book Day celebrations. I bought two copies, as presents, but I was given a free copy at the reading/signing Gaiman did at LSE (unfortunately, I didn't get it signed).

It's a nice little book, that, like most Gaiman work, really revels in the cultures and eras it is representing. It is refreshing to see an author fully immerse the reader in Norse mythology and culture, almost warts and all, as opposed to pinching and re-tooling (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter). Hopefully, it is as infectious and exciting for new readers to connect with a bygone culture as it is for me. It's certainly worth a look.


And, to finish...

This morning we've got news about adaptations (X-men. Captain America), more adaptations (Where the Wild Things Are), remakes (Oldboy) and re-releases (Beauty and the Beast)! But don't worry, there are glimmers of originality in here somewhere. Have heart and take heed, it's the Morning Roundup!

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