Friday, 21 November 2008

[80] Flower, Sun and Rain DS Review

My review of Suda 51 / Grasshopper Manufacture's new DS release Flower, Sun and Rain is up over at Den of Geek.


This DS reissue of a Japan-exclusive PS2 game is genius, absurd and nigh-on unplayable. Mike fills us in.

On one of their many company logos, Grasshopper Manufacture proudly declare themselves a 'Video Game Band'. Indeed, CEO and head creator, Goichi Suda (under the catchy moniker Suda51), has become one of the rock stars of video game design, with his brace of crazy, quirky games that defy convention. After the successes of Killer7 (multi-platform, 2005) and No More Heroes (Wii, 2008), Grasshopper have, like The Smiths or Nirvana, decided to pause and reflect. Flower, Sun and Rain DS is a tweaked reissue of a game originally released only in Japan for the PS2 in 2001. Like Hatful of Hollow or Incesticide, this release is consciously positioned to allow new, international fans the chance of experiencing the team's earliest steps into the gaming world.

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