Sunday, 23 November 2008

[81] Comiket @ Comica, London 22/11/08

Yesterday I shuffled down to the ICA to check out the 'Comiket' (I only realised afterwards that it was a portmanteau of Comic and Market) put on as part of the Comics mini-festival.

It was packed to bursting with enthusiastic, earnest artists hustling their work. I was painfully aware of my lack of funds, so decided to take a lot of cards, flyers and online details in place of proper financial support. I'd given myself the budget of 'the change in my pocket' (~ £4), and was a little dismayed that it wouldn't take me too far.

Nevertheless, I managed to have a chat with some of the artists, and compiled a huge list of small press comics to check out in the future. I also met up with Dom from London Loves Comics, and we proceeded to talk about comic-y things in the bar. It was good to have a drink with a like-minded chap, and helped tone down the overwhelmingness of the situation.

In the end, I ferreted out some bargains, mostly old issues or modest collections, and left with 4 comics. Here's a (shoddy) photo of my haul (without the flyers, now I look at it):

I will probably write more on them in the next few days, but here's a quick run-down of what I bought.

- A Music Paper, by Alastair Maceachern ('AM'). A collection of strips based around music fanzines, indie subcultures and amateur journalism.
- I Was a Teenage Bookbinder #2, by Alicia Pang (blog). A short collection of observations about London.
- Morgenmuffel no.16, by Isy (website). A politically-charged zine that features cartoons and rants.
- Paper Tiger Comix #1 (website). A pretty huge collection of varied comics by various people.

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