Saturday, 29 November 2008

[87] 4Talent Magazine, Issue 10

The new issue of 4Talent Magazine arrived this morning.

It's packed full of great articles and media-savvy advice (including bits on Mark Millar and Joss Whedon, which came as a surprise). There's also an in-depth section on the 4Talent Awards. I wrote a profile of the winner in the Best Presenting category, Ben Chancellor (who has a new talent profile at Karushi Management here). Sadly, I have no scanning equipment, and the lovely glossy pages just make taking snapshots even harder.

(Hence the dodgy crop)

The magazine should be available in Borders (at an out-of-my-price-range £5), and is being bundled in the goodie bags at various events and ceremonies over the coming weeks.


Phoebe Raven said...

Congrats! This is awesome! Way to get your name out there.
The only thing I have is my name and a quote on a poster for the movie "Flourish".
An article is way cooler.

Mag said...

Is there an article about Barcelona in this mag? Is it featuring a small interview and some work by an intern working as a designer at an agency there? What kind of work is featured? I don't have this mag and would like to know!


Mike Leader said...

Hi there!

There is an article on Barcelona in the mag. There are three double-page spreads on different topics. Vasava Design, Sitges Film Festival and Sonar Festival.

Are you talking about the Vasava design bit? Hans from Oslo?

I can take a picture of it if you'd like, or type up a transcript. Or you could order it from their site -


Mag said...

Hi Mike!

Would be awesome if you could get me a scan or a photos of the Vasava article (or the whole Barca article if you have time)!

Think I might order that magazine too.. thanks for the link!

My email address is mongodust [at]