Sunday, 30 November 2008

[88] Sam Gilbey

One of the articles that jumped out at me as I flicked through the latest issue of 4Talent Magazine was a short profile of Mark Millar. The piece was written by the comics scribe himself, and, to be frank, it wasn't all that insightful or helpful. However, what really impressed me was the design work that went along with it. The piece was based around illustration work inspired by Millar's inspirations and creations, from seeing the Superman: The Movie, and working for 2000 AD, to current Millarworld projects, with the text being shown in text boxes throughout.

The artwork was done by an illustrator/designer called Sam Gilbey. I think his work on the piece gives it a great deal of character, and a lot of depth. He packs in a lot of disparate visual references (see how many you can spot!), and renders them well - keeping their distinct, recognisable features yet retaining a necessary consistency for the piece. He has written a very interesting blog post about the creative process here. It's worth a look; he seems to be a very talented guy, and is getting some recognition. He's contributed illustration work to the ITV2 series No Heroics, and has designed posters for Brit-Geek Edgar Wright. He also posts personal bits and pieces, which reflect his interests, such as a portrait of Old Snake from MGS3 and the best The Dark Knight-inspired Batman image I've seen.

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