Thursday, 18 December 2008

[100] Morning Roundup, other things, etc.

Again, this week has been quite busy. I've been checking out a few screenings in the London Turkish Film Festival, which finished today. I only managed to see two films in the last couple of days, but they were both pretty great. I'll post a write up soon.

I've also written quite a few articles for CC2K and Den of Geek, which I will be posting links to as they are uploaded. They've been distracting me from original blog-matter, but hopefully in the next day or two I will produce something. And maybe a schmaltz-y 2008 retrospective, we'll see.


Tonight I went down to Bellenden Road in Peckham for the 'Bellenden Bonanza', a late-night shopping event where some of the stores were open until 9pm. There was a roving Christmas Choir, too. I spent a lot of time in Review, which is the stylish, cosy bookshop they have down there. It's recommended if you're ever in the area.


Two quick things:

- This 2D Flash version of Mirror's Edge may have only one stage, but it is really smooth and fun. Looking forward to later versions of it.

- The most depressing, but fascinating Twitter this side of Warren Ellis is TheMediaIsDying: as-they-break scoops regarding downsizing and cut-backs in print and online media. Lovely!


This morning we've got some great looking posters for Coraline and GI Joe. Plus, we've got some tidbits including Gore Verbinski's MMORPG-themed film. We've also culled the best end of year toplists the internet can offer. It's all for you, dear reader. It's the Morning Roundup!

Read the full article here.

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