Friday, 19 December 2008

[102] Batman Returns: My Favourite Christmas Film

Another Den of Geek piece. This week, they sent an email out asking for articles enthusing about 'My Favourite Christmas Film'. I jumped at the chance to write about Batman Returns, which is certainly my favourite Batman movie. I think I made a good case for why it is a great Christmas movie, too. It's in an exaggerated, light-hearted mode - the kind I usually shy away from.

It's also pretty short, too, at just over 500 words. Practically bite-sized for me!


Gotham City doesn't need Santa Claus; they have their own man in a suit who 'knows if you've been bad or good'...

Batman Returns, Tim Burton's second, more personal stab at the franchise, is probably my favourite Christmas film. It is one of the best of those Christmas-set, Christmas-themed flicks which transcend the month of December and, as such, does not have the baggage of the Holidays schmaltzing it up...

...I have no trouble in saying that it is my favourite Batman film. And what's more, it is the perfect comment on, inversion of, and antidote to the schmaltzy guff usually peddled in Christmas movies. It's time for a reappraisal.

Read the full article here.

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