Thursday, 4 December 2008

[91] Happenings, CC2K Morning Roundup

I've been quite busy this week.

Through Den of Geek, I've been on the list for preview events for the soon-to-be-released movie version of The Spirit. I went down to Charlotte St. yesterday to watch a few clips. Of course, I was excited at getting this chance, even if I'm a little dubious about Frank Miller's adaptation. I had to rush back, and type up a preview report for immediate publication - but when I got back home it turned out there is a press embargo until the 19th. It was a little deflating.

There is a press conference / interview session going on today, which I'll still check out, but I doubt any scoop or insight will stay fresh for over 2 weeks (especially if AICN or American geeky sites get their hands on it any time soon). But hey, it's experience. I'm really enjoying the opportunity - just a shame that energy is going to waste.

And I'm not getting paid. It would be nice to have a little something, just to cover transport costs, maybe. Sadly, that's the way it is at the moment.

In other news, I've been invited to the opening red carpet gala for the London Turkish Film Festival, which is at the BFI Southbank cinema tomorrow. It looks like a swanky reception, followed by the premiere of a film called My Marlon and Brando. I might be getting a press pass for the rest of the festival, and I'll blog about it here (and on the Film and Festivals website) if so. Definitely looking forward to it.

Oh, I also signed up to Twitter.

Busy indeed!


Still have time for this, though...

This morning we've got Johnny Depp news, Mark Romanek news, Swashbuckling news and Rock Chick biopic news. Lots of adaptation news, too. Who'd have guessed? It's the morning roundup!

Read the full article here.

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