Thursday, 4 December 2008

[92] The Spirit Preview Impressions

It turns out the press embargo on discussing the preview footage for The Spirit has been lifted, so my initial impressions have been posted on Den of Geek.

I didn't have time to put in any real comment or analysis, and was going to slot them in closer to the 19th. This was just an attempt to lay down the content of the clips in the most descriptive, lucid style possible. I will post my further thoughts later, either on Den of Geek or here.

In the mean-time...


Frank Miller's directorial debut, The Spirit, has been attracting a lot of fanboy rage and geek disdain. Adapted from the weekly newspaper comic by industry innovator Will Eisner, it is set to be the most divisive comic book movie of the year, putting a cap on what has been a superlative 12 months for heroes (super or otherwise) on the silver screen.

I just had the opportunity to see a preview clip-reel of the film, which consisted of short, less-than-5-minute segments, punctuated by introductory and explanatory sections from Deborah Del Prete, one of the producers. I'll save my overflowing emotions for later, let me give you the long and short of what we were allowed to see, in stylish prose...

Read the full article here.

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