Sunday, 7 December 2008

[94] Paranoid Park DVD Review

Earlier this year, I wrote a review of Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park for Film International, a cinema journal/website. The article's gestation period was quite a long one. I got the DVD back when I was in Birmingham, probably May-June. The deadline for the review was in September-October. And it has just been published this weekend.

I find it quite amusing how it was one of the first reviews I started as a 'freelance' after finishing university, yet it has been published after I have progressed quite a lot, and written material for many other places.

I'm quite proud of it, though.


Paranoid Park, the latest feature from Gus Van Sant, is first and foremost a 'teen film'. While Van Sant has previously placed teenagers and young adults squarely at the centre of his films, most recently in 2003's school shooting drama Elephant, Paranoid Park sees the director attempting to craft a deep, multi-layered work that serves as a subjective statement of the teenage experience...

Read the full article here.

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