Wednesday, 14 January 2009

[124] Around the Web: Korg DS-10 Video Tutorials

Last night I was browsing around on Youtube, checking out the plethora of DS-10 music videos that have been uploaded already (my personal favourite is this one of YMO's Rydeen, on two DSes). I came across the official channel of the software's developer XSEED games; I'd seen their demo songs before (which include a remix of the theme from Legend of Zelda), but I hadn't noticed that they had uploaded their own tutorials for certain modes and features of the Korg DS-10.

The full list is up on their site, and covers pitch, VCO, VCF, Envelope Generator, Patch mode and others. I mentioned last week, in my appraisal of the game, that the Korg DS-10 requires knowledge of the intricacies of electronic music, and that the accompanying manual isn't entirely helpful to newcomers (I suggested checking out the original technical instructions from the hardware's release in the 1970s). However, these videos are hands-on, easy to follow, and manage to communicate the basic functions of all those knobs and dials.

And then, this morning, Gametrailers uploaded a more general tutorial for the Korg DS-10, which outlines issues such as tracking, pattern management and song building.

I think it's fantastic that these resources are being uploaded and passed around. Hopefully this will make the Korg DS-10 more accessible to a wider audience.

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korg ds-10 said...

you definitely need to read a few books or watch the vids to grasp the sound synthesis concepts. then, it kinda makes much more sense.