Thursday, 22 January 2009

[129] Doktor Sleepless: Engines of Desire Review

I recently wrote a review of the first volume of Warren Ellis' comic book series Doktor Sleepless, for Comics Bulletin. Check it out.


Doktor Sleepless is a radio DJ, a tech-wizard, and a mysterious mad scientist who plots the end of the world from his hilltop mansion overlooking the city of Heavenside.

Warren Ellis is one of the foremost personalities in the comic world. With his many-headed online presence, which encompasses Twitter, his blog, the Whitechapel message board, and his own musical podcast, he has positioned himself as the go-to guy for no-bullshit angry alternative living. Even though his written work has been varied, he is still (arguably) best known for his work on
Transmetroplitan--a long-running cyberpunkish series about Spider Jerusalem, a Hunter S. Thompson-like gonzo journalist/blogger let loose in a future full of twisted politics and bizarre technology.

Doktor Sleepless, Ellis's latest anti-establishment series, is unavoidably similar yet crucially different to Transmetropolitan in some ways. The first eight issues of Doktor Sleepless are collected in a trade paperback titled Engines of Desire, which tells of a much nearer future than that depicted in Transmetropolitan.

Instead of flying cars and aliens, the central location of Heavenside is still quite close to our present day. In fact, the relatively un-advanced state of technology is almost immediately touched upon in the opening chapter with the appearance of graffiti declaring “not my future” and “where's my fucking jet pack.”

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