Monday, 2 February 2009

[137] Yet More Snow Pix

Overnight, it snowed even more. The heaviest snow in 19 years for the UK, it seems.

Therefore, we've been a little snowed in over here in Peckham.

I've been hard at work with some reviews for Den of Geek. Today I've been trying to finish off a draft of the John Adams mini-series, after writing a piece on Jar City (Myrin) yesterday. The Finnish Girl's friends are still here; their outbound flight back to their mainland European residence was cancelled due to the weather conditions. So, as a result, today has been a bit of a washout.

Never mind, there are more pictures (of our back-garden's saw, no less). Usual service will resume once I get back on top of things. Which, hopefully, will be tomorrow. Although I will be going off to Gosh! to attend a signing with American comics writer/artist Adrian Tomine, in what I think is his first official visit to the UK. Very nice.

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