Thursday, 5 February 2009

[139] The Morning Roundup, etc.

It's that time of the week again. Not much to report at the moment, I'm quite under the weather, and I've been busy writing stuff for Den of Geek, among other things. I've added one or two new topics in the sidebar, now that there are so many posts here, and people might want to see the 'best bits'. So there is the 'I'm Quite Proud of These' tag, as well as a link to the 'What is Wild Tyme?' post I made a couple of months ago.

Big thanks to Michael Abbott at The Brainy Gamer, and Simon Carless at GameSetWatch for the recent links, as well as the folks at GoNintendo, I appreciate it very much. Those are really useful and interesting sites to check out, I recommend them.

I've recently been getting to grips with my new Xbox 360. I've played some of Fallout 3, although I'm taking my time with it. I purchased a Live Gold membership, and I've been trying out Halo 3 and Team Fortress 2 online. I used to be a big multiplayer nut back in the Quake days (while I was at primary school), and I played a lot of Half Life and its various mods. Although, I downgraded to a laptop around 2004-2005, and have been out of the race since.

The XBL community intrigues me a lot, and even though I don't have many friends who are 360 gamers, I would still like to crack the surface of Live and maybe hook up with some like-minded players online. I've heard that Call of Duty 4 is the online shooter of choice at the moment, and Left 4 Dead provides some wonderful anecdotes and experiences. So I may have to look into that, although my budget isn't allowing at the moment.

My previous playing on the 360 (on my father's) has been restricted to single player, especially where the Arcade games are concerned. Are there any worth checking out for the multiplayer?

More on gaming later, when I hopefully have the chance to bash out another essay. In the meantime, though...


The Morning Roundup: Pacino is Lear, Mass Effect 2 is 2010, Vanity Fair Award Pix

This morning we've got news about Al Pacino 'doing Lear', new game releases from EA, details about Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim movie, and the usual mish-mash of adaptations and production tidbits.

Read the full article here.

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