Monday, 9 February 2009

[141] John Adams DVD Review

My review of John Adams has gone up on Den of Geek. Sadly, I wasn't supplied with the last disc of the series, but soldiered on anyway. Check it out!


The USA's second president gets the elongated mini-series treatment in John Adams. Mike dons a wig, declares independence and sees what all the fuss is about.

Are there two more hackneyed or conventional genres than the historical drama and the biopic? The former is often thinly-veiled nostalgia and political ideology, and the latter is rarely more than egotistical awards-baiting. Both are packed full of manipulative dross, with a handful of uniquely interesting, mould-breaking exceptions. Thankfully, the HBO mini-series biopic of John Adams is one of those happy few.

The set up is prime material for partisan misrepresentation. John Adams, a Massachussets lawyer, falls in with the revolutionaries, helping form the continental army, draft the Declaration of Independence, and finally takes the seat of Vice President in the first US government. However, instead of shooting straight for sappy patriotism, the team behind John Adams, headed by director Tom Hooper, craft something that is serious, complex, and nourishing. The depth and scope afforded by the series' 7 (over an hour long) episodes is immediately impressive, as the focus, style and chronology develops, shifts and progresses throughout.

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