Friday, 13 February 2009

[143] R-Type Dimensions XBLA Review

In the last couple of days, I've found myself pretty busy. I came up with a gaming feature idea which has required a lot of liaising with developers and publishers, so that has been sucking up my time.

I do have some musings that I'm working on, a review of The Wrestler, at least. And maybe some comics posts, as I've not made many of those in a while. And the next Okami essay.

One thing that developed out of this gaming feature idea is a review of R-Type Dimensions, now published at Den of Geek. Check it out!


Blasting onto Xbox Live Arcade is R-Type Dimensions. Mike primes for take-off and surveys the damage...

The true refuge of the hardcore nostalgic gamer at the moment is Xbox Live Arcade. For those who think games are selling out, dumbing down and getting just too easy, the download service is a haven for difficult, stalwartly retro titles. Last year, we had Mega Man 9 and Ikaruga doling out one-hit deaths left, right and centre. Now, we have R-Type Dimensions. Essentially a compilation of the first two games in Irem's R-Type arcade space-shooter series, Dimensions has been given an HD overhaul by USA-based publishers Tozai and Sweden-based developers Southend.

Read the full article here.

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