Monday, 9 March 2009

[156] GamerBytes Preview: Grab Gold And Swap User Created Levels In Lode Runner

Remember the gaming feature I've been talking about over the last few weeks? The work for it still rumbles on. Slight obstruction in the road due to the editor pulling the plug on it, so now I'm looking for a new place to pitch it. Hopefully something will come up.

In the meantime, I pitched an excerpted preview/interview mini-feature about Tozai's upcoming Xbox Live Arcade revamp of Lode Runner to Gamer Bytes, a great little blog by the Think Services people (who also run GameSetWatch and Gamasutra, among others). The game is due out in April, as part of the XBLA 'Days of Arcade' promotion, but I'm very interested in how it turns out, it looks like they've put a lot of effort into it. Anyway, check out the piece.


Finally coming to Xbox Live Arcade in April is Lode Runner, an HD remake of the classic 1980s action-puzzler title. The game was first announced at CES back at the beginning of 2008, but few details have materialised in the months since. Developed by Southend and Tozai Games, the pairing that recently brought the re-vamped shooter R-Type Dimensions to Live, Lode Runner is shaping up to be a unique, robust experience on the platform.

Read the full article here.

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