Sunday, 22 March 2009

[161] NowGamer Blogs, The Legend of Princess

Again, I've been neglecting the blog. However, this is mostly because I have been busy doing writing for places, as opposed to sitting around doing nothing. I have been covering a lot of Den of Geek and Film & Festivals at the moment, and I am going to start blogging for the new Imagine Publishing gaming megasite I'll be cross-posting my blog articles here as well, though.

I decided to start modestly with my first post, about a Freeware PC game I came across a couple of weeks ago. Next, I'm prepping a piece about recent mulitplayer-oriented gaming and 'meta-game' structures and achievements, with generous reference to Call of Duty: World at War and Street Fighter IV. Should be interesting.


Ever wondered what the Legend of Zelda would be like if it was reimagined as a side-scrolling action platformer?

I'm all for a bit of revisionism in your fanaticism, and the Freeware PC downloadable Legend of Princess is a nice little treat. Indie developer/artist Joakim Sandberg (otherwise known as Konjak) has made his name with his colourfully-designed, impressive PC games, such as the two installments in the fast-paced action series Noitu Love (which, if you've not already, you should sample). As a break from work on his next game, the puzzle-action-platformer Solar Plexus, Sandberg decided to design tribute to his favourite video game franchise.

Taking heaps of inspiration from dynamic action games of the early 90s, Legend of Princess is short but sweet, featuring a couple of stages with mid-bosses and enemies galore, leading up to an encounter with Ganon. The 16-bit era-evoking graphics are lush and look lovely in motion, and Sandberg's redesigns for baddies like the Octarocs, Tektites and even Wall Masters are more than enough to make a fanboy smile. Even cooler is the item usage: Zelda favourites such as the clawshot, bow, boomerang and bomb-chu are included, but the player can only take two along. These secondary items change up the tactics somewhat, and provides the temptation for another playthrough just to try out another combination.

Plus, the music rocks. Sandberg, like any Zelda fan, knows and loves his themes and tunes, and the original soundtrack lifts and hints in all the right ways to make the player squirm with the delight of familiarity. He even put up the soundtrack for a free download.

Legend of Princess is a great look at Zelda from another angle. Check it out (and download!) over at Konjak's website here.

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