Sunday, 29 March 2009

[163] UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2009

A quick sort of round-up post.

Yesterday I went down to the annual UK Web & Mini Comix Thing, which is held over in Mile End. After initially being overwhelmed by the amount of people there and how packed the QMUL Main Hall was, I had fun chatting with Mr Hardiman and Mr Wynne, and also Ms Ashwin, as well as browsing through the assorted delights on offer.

(Flyers, etc)

I went for the same approach as with the Comiket from last year: take a load of flyers/cards, and follow up at a later date. My budget was still very small, so I only managed to buy a few comics, even though I saw a good few that looked very impressive.

I was given a few freebies, and picked up the Thing's chunky anthology, but I actually bought the following (will most likely be writing about them individually as I read them):

- A Darken comic book, by Kate Ashwin. (Not entirely sure if this has its own name, though)

- Two cards and a little nicely-bound book called Rabbit: Love Story #1, by tpcat/Melody Lee.

- A Music Paper #2 (The Red Guitar Issue), by AM. (A follow up to the indie music-themed comic I reviewed a while back).

- Massacre For Boys In Colour, by Steven and Chris Denton.

- Ghosts, by John Allison.

- Microwavable Fox, by Tammy Taylor.

That is quite enough to get through for the time being, I think. More from me later.

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