Monday, 30 March 2009

[164] Rhys Darby Interview

Last week, I covered the pre-release press parade for Richard Curtis' The Boat That Rocked for Den of Geek. Here is the first article from that, an interview with comedian and actor Rhys Darby. He seemed like a nice chap, and I'm quite happy with this interview.


We talk to the New Zealand comedian Rhys Darby, who stars in the new Richard Curtis film The Boat That Rocked, out on April 1st.

Straight outta New Zealand, Rhys Darby has made waves with his sound effect-laden, character-heavy stand-up performances. After appearing in Flight Of The Conchords, the NZ music-comedy series that has taken the UK and USA by storm, he has now set his course for the silver screen. The Boat That Rocked is only his second film credit, after Yes Man earlier this year, but is this the start of a long career?

We met him in London, the night after the new film premiered, and chatted about how he became involved with Richard Curtis' latest, as well as his career ambitions, his views on comedy and acting, and his home country.

Read the full interview here.

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