Monday, 30 March 2009

[165] Electric Dreams DVD Review

I had some trouble with this review. Even though Electric Dreams as a film is disposable fluff, I felt I had a lot to say, so the article became a mini-essay about music, ADD-culture and the 1980s, with awkward 'review segments'.


A man, a woman... and a personal computer! Mike checks out this bizarre technological love triangle beamed straight from 1984...

It would upset many to be reminded that in the near future, the 1980s will be at least 20 years ago, at most 30. Yes, you are that old. However, confronting readers with their advancing age is a goal for another article. Nevertheless, that decade lives on at the intersection of experience, nostalgia and culture. It seems so close, as its major film franchises, toy lines, stylistic quirks and musical eccentricities ebb and flow in their influence. But, seriously, it is far, far away, and the world we live in now has progressed much. That's where Electric Dreams comes in.

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