Wednesday, 1 April 2009

[167] Tony Manero (dir. Pablo Larrain, 2008) Review

This is a review of a film I saw a few weeks ago now. Tony Manero is a Chilean film that mixes political history with a poetic sense of commentary. Looking back, I'm quite happy with the review.


Tony Manero has one of the most intriguing mini-synopses I have ever read: a 50-something man in 1970s Pinochet-era Chile, Raul (Alfredo Castro), is obsessed with John Travolta's turn as the protagonist in Saturday Night Fever and spends his days perfecting his routine for a tribute show and lookalike contest on television. Far from a quirky, kooky boob, Raul is dangerous in his grim determination, and resorts to murder to get closer to his dream of being famous. This short pitch is infused with originality and promise. However, the film itself stumbles into the unwelcoming alleyways of pretension and inscrutability.

Read the full review here.

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