Friday, 3 April 2009

[168] Race to Witch Mountain (dir. Andy Fickman, 2009) Review

This week has turned out to be much busier than expected. Lots of writing, topped off by a full-day set visit to the Neil Marshall's new film Centurion. I saw Race to Witch Mountain on Tuesday, and bashed out the review pretty quickly on Wednesday morning; trying to write something light and speedy, but still critical.


This new Disney remake is released just in time for the Easter holidays, but should you race to the cinema to see it?

Race To Witch Mountain is a carefully-executed, conservatively-pruned family flick, positioned just in time to fill the void over the Easter school break where vacationing parents don't know what to do with their sugar-high spawn. It is a re-jig of the 'classic' 1970s movie Escape To Witch Mountain, re-modelled for the 2000s. Which means cutting out all distractions, like dialogue, characterisation and progression, in favour of thrills, adrenaline and excitement - yes, the 'race' part of the title is key.

It all starts with a UFO crash-landing in the desert outside of Las Vegas; the feds are spooked, and grim Man in Black Henry Burke (Ciaran Hinds) barks orders with grave intensity. This is Big Stuff. Cut to Sin City cab driver Jack Bruno (Dwayne 'Don't Call Me Rock' Johnson), who spends his days ferrying around the weirdos and losers that are attracted to the bright lights and geek conventions of Vegas; he's repenting for his time as a wheelman for the mob, going straight after doing time. All this is set to change when he discovers two twins in the back of his taxi - two mysterious tween-y teens with strange powers and middle-distance stares, who need to get to the desert...

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