Monday, 18 May 2009

[185] Film and Festivals Magazine, Issue 13 (May)

The latest issue of Film and Festivals Magazine is now available to view on their website.

This issue is concerned with the topic of the current wave of British Cinema. There is some great content in there, including a couple of pieces by Leigh Singer about the Microwave funding scheme, where young filmmakers are given a tight budget of £100,000 to make their debut feature. The second film to come out of the scheme, Shifty, is currently out at the cinemas, and is a confident, strong film from promising writer-director Eran Creevey.

I contributed a long feature about British cinema, and how its innovation and independence is allowed due to the unique support structures that have been erected in the last 20-30 years, such as the UK Film Council. I'll post up the feature here in the near future, for portfolio purposes.

To read the issue, click over to the Film and Festivals website, here.

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