Tuesday, 19 May 2009

[186] Youtube Cannes Young Lions 48 Hour Ad Contest

The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival is taking place next month, and one of the competitions that has been organised in anticipation of it is the Youtube Young Lions 48 Hour Ad Contest. The contest tasks aspiring filmmakers and advertising creatives to come up with a one-minute advert for Oxfam on the topic of climate change. The topic and charity were announced on Friday, and the videos had to be created and uploaded to Youtube by the end of Sunday.

During this second phase, the teams have 2 weeks to generate as many views and votes for their video as they can. The two winning teams will be given the chance to visit the festival, taking place in Cannes between 21st and 27th of June. There, they will compete in the Young Lions Film Competition, which runs along the same 48 hour guidelines, only this time against teams from 37 other countries.

A good friend of mine, Alaka, has entered the competition, working as part of a team with her friends Tom Stimson and Rob Keevil; you can see their video below.

For more information, check out the contest's official Youtube channel, where you can see all of the entrants, and vote.


Guilherme Ara├║jo said...

check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1aHJzOpTsY
this is my film. tks

Alaka said...

Thanks Mike!

Anonymous said...

your ad is so nice!


please check it!