Wednesday, 3 June 2009

[193] Pumping Iron (1977) DVD Review

Another DVD review at Den of Geek, this time the bodybuilding pseudo-documentary Pumping Iron.

Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be the Hollywood star he was in the 1980s and 1990s, but his mark on the landscape of international culture is still palpable. Yet it is still interesting to note that while he has found lasting fame as various iconic bulky monsters (Conan, The Terminator, Dutch in Predator, John Matrix in Commando), one of his first starring roles was as himself in the 1977 bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron.

Directed by Robert Fiore and George Butler (after a book of the same name penned by Bulter and Charles Gaines), Pumping Iron is based around the 1975 Mr Olympia competition, following the preparation and participation of a handful of entrants. Not that you would notice from this lean, no-frills DVD release (the Region 1 25th Anniversary Special Edition came with various behind the scenes and retrospective interviews), but some way into the production, the team found the documentary footage too dull, so decided to spice things up a little, adding in staged scenes and exaggerating the 'characters' in the film beyond any rational understanding of naturalism.

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