Thursday, 18 June 2009

[201] Nintendo Show Off Its Upcoming Games, Preview Feature

This week, I was invited down to a post-E3 preview event put on by Nintendo Europe, where UK journalists were able to have hands-on playthroughs of the games they exhibited in Los Angeles earlier this month.

After their mostly-maligned spread at 2008's E3 expo, Nintendo came back this year with a wholly impressive selection of titles coming our way in the next year. Far and away the headline-stealers were Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the new 'Other M' Metroid project featuring the input of Ninja Gaiden and Dead Or Alive developers Team Ninja - but conference spectators had already been softened up by a hefty list of games due out in the next few months. These games were playable at E3, but Nintendo Europe recently held a swish, sushi-fed soiree for UK journos to take a gander. Here are our impressions and reactions of some of the games we tried out.

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