Saturday, 20 June 2009

[202] Gigantic (2008) Review

A few weeks ago, I saw a preview of the upcoming indie flick Gigantic. I ended up submitting a short review of it to ScreenJabber. It seems to be getting quite a few negative reviews around the web, but it's not all that bad. It's not all that good, either, but hardly deserves to be slated.

Quirky "indie" comedies are a dime a dozen nowadays, and seem to become more formulaic and less, well, independent with each year. Gigantic, the debut feature by writer-director Matt Aselton, tries to single itself out in this saturated marketplace, but, with its spotty inspiration, it doesn't quite get beyond novelty.

Dano stars as Brian, a young mattress salesman whose one goal in life is to adopt a Chinese baby – a goal complicated by his youth and bachelor status. Further complications present themselves as larger-than-life, borderline-psychotic businessman Al (Goodman) and his ethereally attractive, candidly sexual daughter Happy (Deschanel) barge their way into his life.

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