Friday, 24 July 2009

[215] Dave Gibbons Interview

Dave Gibbons' work on Watchmen is awe-inspiring, so I jumped at the chance to interview him this week, during the run up to the DVD/Blu-Ray release next week. A really nice chap - a very enjoyable chat. Probably one of my favourite interviews so far, and I also managed to bring in questions and topics I haven't heard him talk about before. Such as his work on Wednesday Comics, on the Kamandi strip. Lovely stuff - and the article was even re-tweeted and linked to around the web, including on the Forbidden Planet Blog, so I was quite proud of that too. Check it out below.

Ahead of next week's release of Watchmen on DVD and Blu-ray, I had the chance to chat with Dave Gibbons, comic artist and co-creator of the landmark graphic novel. Unlike Alan Moore, the writer who has asked for his name to be removed from any big screen version of his comics work, Gibbons was an early advocate of Zack Snyder's adaptation, visited the film set, and appeared in many interviews during the lead up to release. He also penned the lovely coffee table book Watching The Watchmen, a personal, retrospective look at the book's genesis and publication, to coincide with the film.

Now that time has moved on, and the hype has dissipated, we spoke about Watchmen, and how it has grown after repeat viewings, as well as Gibbons' crazy, jet-set year of promoting the film, the experience of having one of his creations adapted to screen, and his latest work - namely his contribution to the currently ongoing (and brilliant) Wednesday Comics project, Kamandi.

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