Sunday, 2 August 2009

[221] Alternative Press Fair, St. Aloysius Social Club, 020809

Today I went up to Somers Town, to the St. Aloysius Social Club, which was hosting the Alternative Press Fair, an event organised as part of the Alternative Press Festival.

I was there for the comics, to be frank, so made a beeline for many of the artists and creators I'd met, seen or read about before. However, the event was teeming with alternative, independent talent - with zines, music, and small press literature being represented quite widely. I was a bit overwhelmed, really, and was a bit reluctant to dive in, but I've come back - as always - armed with plenty of flyers and teeny business cards. One bunch that stuck out were from the 56a Infoshop, a radical, anarchist social centre / bookshop in Walworth, near Elephant and Castle. They seem to do some very interesting things, so might be worth checking out.

But, I was there for the comics. Again, I love getting the chance to chat with the creators behind these comics, even if my confidence usually crumbles in the face of it all. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to write in a little more detail in the coming days or weeks, but in the meantime - I spent my budget on the following.

- Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell! #5, zine-isms, observations and gratuitous Moomin pictures from Miss Tukru.

- The Robot Zine, by We Are Words And Pictures. A great little compilation of three mini-comics, all about 'bots, by a collective made up of Sarah Gordon, Julia Scheele and Matt Sheret. Had a nice little chat with Julia, mainly about how incestuous everything is, and her collaborative How Fucking Romantic project - where many artists are contributing mini-comic versions of songs from the Magnetic Fields triple album 69 Love Songs.

- How to Date a Girl in Ten Days, by Tom Humberstone. I hadn't really heard of Mr. Humberstone until this week, when I checked out his Art School Scum comic (available for free on his website), and saw his contribution to How Fucking Romantic, 'A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off', so it was great to have a chat with him, and pick up this Eagle Award-winning book.

- A Mistaken Date, by AM. I have written about Alastair Maceachern before, and I love his music-related mini-comics (collected in two issues of A Music Paper). I asked him what to check out next, and he pointed me to A Mistaken Date, the second issue in a series about mis-matched lovers Bleep (a robot) and Tweet (a bird).

- Polaroids from Other Lives: Volume 2, by Howard Hardiman. I suppose by now I'm I am a full-blown Howard fanboy -- and it was the promise of his new comic that ensured that I would be attending the fair. Another installment in his Polaroids from Other Lives series, this is yet more emotionally affecting, beautifully evocative stuff from the fellow who wrote Badger (and is currently working on a Badger webcomic).

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