Friday, 7 August 2009

[222] Comen VFX Interview

A Perfect Getaway is out now in America, and comes out in the UK next week. I had the chance to talk with Tim Carras and Josh Comen, part of the VFX team that were brought on in the post-production, to do some significant work on shots throughout the film. In contrast to my interview with Charlie Gibson, this team specialises in lower-budget films - using their VFX expertise in cheap, effective ways. It was fascinating to talk to guys in this part of the film industry, and to get their behind-the-scenes take on where VFX is going, and the opportunities it now provides filmmakers. Check out the interview below.

Nowadays, the visual effects world isn't just about huge CG monsters, or intricate sci-fi creations, with plenty of VFX teams specialising in work that is more subtle, and is seen in films that are not your typical, effects-laden summer blockbusters. One such team is Comen VFX, a California-based facility set up by Josh Comen, a VFX Producer who has worked on over 60 feature films and television series in the last six years, including Saw, Little Miss Sunshine and Napoleon Dynamite.

Their most recent work was on David Twohy's (Pitch Black) latest movie, the Hawaii-based thriller A Perfect Getaway, and involved, among other things, one major task. Although integrally set in the USA's 50th state, tax incentives and budgetary concerns took the production to Puerto Rico for filming, which resulted in the need for much post-production trickery, such as replacing backgrounds, landscape, and local geography.

We recently had the chance to speak with Josh Comen (VFX Producer) and Tim Carras (VFX Supervisor) about their work on the film, about the ethos behind Comen VFX, and about the opportunities given by contemporary VFX technology to filmmakers working on either independent or low-budget films.

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