Monday, 10 August 2009

[226] Film and Festivals, Issue 15, Out Now

The latest issue of Film and Festivals Magazine is now available from their website.

This issue takes the theme of Film & Music, with a wealth of features and interviews on the topic. There are three great pieces on the inter-mingling between music and film in the world of festivals, as Laurence Boyce takes a look at the Latitude Festival, and writes a more general piece on festivals that straddle the to media, and Chris Patmore takes a look at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival, which is now a subject of a documentary feature film. Another feature, from Suchandrika Chakrabarti, charts the history of music video directors who have transitioned into the film industry.

This month, I contributed a short feature that investigates how classic films have been re-introduced to younger generations through musical means - using as examples recent projects like Mother India 21, and Laurel and Hardy's Comedy Mayhem.

Importantly, this is the first issue of the magazine that is charging for its digital content. It is priced at £1.50, and will hopefully generate enough revenue to cover the production costs. It's certainly not a great deal of money, and the content is, without doubt, worth the entry fee.

Check out the new issue here.

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