Monday, 14 September 2009

[237] Reckoning Day (2002) DVD Review

A new DVD review of mine over at Den of Geek, of Reckoning Day. By no means an essential film, but I think I let my hair down a little with it. Also, the DVD release, from Revolver Entertainment, has one of the stranger publicity stunts I've seen - involving journalists and volunteers taking the psychoactive drug salvia, with their short 'trips' being recorded. Bizarre stuff, but check out the review below.

It's easy to forget, as we're bludgeoned by over-stuffed cinema schedules year after year, that any finished film is a miracle.

Anything that goes from inspiration to creation, through production and post-production, to our cinema screens or our home entertainment systems, is special. Films are artifacts borne out of the harmonious collision of hard graft from a large troupe of people, piles of money, and a bunch of luck.

That Reckoning Day, British director Julian Gilbey's action movie debut, now sits on shelves alongside Rambo and Robocop is such a miracle, for a couple of key reasons: one, it was shot by young, mostly inexperienced, pups, on a shoe-string budget, over a two-year stretch, in proper resourceful indie style; two, it's an utterly terrible film.

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