Sunday, 25 October 2009

[252] MCM Expo, 24th October

It's time for the MCM Expo again! While, last time around, I went as a wide-eyed punter, this time I ventured out to the Excel Centre with 'scoop' hat in tow, under the guise of a hard-nosed journalist. Therefore, the majority of my coverage, thoughts, and reportage, will be going up over at Den of Geek in the near future. However, here are some capsule remarks for the time being.

The MCM is still utterly surreal and strange. As I stepped out of the Press Room, and into the maelstrom, I realised how utterly impossible it is to be fully prepared for the masses of excited cosplayers, and the assembled noises of a thousand squees calling out at once. Although, the surreal-cake must be taken by guest-of-honour Ronny Cox, whose four-piece bluegrass/country band, playing a set in place of a traditional Q&A, completely jarred with the surroundings. Priceless.

Being at the Expo under the pretence of covering it for a geek-y news outlet completely changed my approach. I had to grit my teeth, and ask a few cosplayers to pose for photographs - which brought rise to a whole new feeling of guilt and emotional awkwardness. That said, I was also kept busy by all of the distracting STUFF happening; it was just as teeming as last time, with plenty of games, films, and comics-related malarkey going on. Although, this time I was able to go behind-the-scenes, and take part in some of the press round-table discussions with the guest talent.

The only round-table I took part in was with Idris Elba (famous for playing Stringer Bell in The Wire), who was attending on account of the upcoming film adaptation of Andy Diggle and Jock's The Losers. He's a handsome, suave man in real-life; I was also taken aback by my table-mates, which included BleedingCool's Rich Johnston, Joel Meadows from Tripwire Magazine, and a fellow from Slashfilm. The interview went very well, and will be going up at Den of Geek soon.

However, I felt mightily at home, as previously, in the Comics Village, where I chatted with a handful of wonderful people. I even interviewed a few (stay tuned for that). I'll cut to the chase, with my my (nicely sized) haul from today.

(anti-clockwise from bottom-left)

- We Are Words + Pictures - The Robot EP, from Matthew Sheret and Julia Scheele.
- The Wolfmen, by Dave West and Andy Bloor, published by Accent UK.
- Comic Pie, and Tales from the Crust, by Laura Howell.
- A Friendly Demon, by Alastair Maceachern (who now has a blog!).
- Tozo: The Public Servant 1 + 2, by David O'Connell.
- The Adventures of Ninja Bunny: Blue, by Philip Spence.
- Badger: Then and Now, by Howard Hardiman.
- Grandville, by Bryan Talbot.

Phew, I think that'll do me for a while!

You can check my full photo gallery here; I'll make sure to post links to my further pieces from the MCM Expo, as the articles are published.


Dom said...

Nice haul of comics there! Let me know what you make of Grandville.

Anonymous said...

Are all those comics freebies, or paid for? (I have no idea how "the press" get treated at those kind of places)!
Looks like a fun time

Mike Leader said...

Definitely a fun time! And, no, Mike, I paid for those comics. Those creators require our patronage! There were some freebie bags for the press, but they only had a couple of dozen. They were mostly gone by the time I left (at closing time).