Tuesday, 3 November 2009

[256] MCM Expo Report @ Den of Geek

I've already made some rudimentary comments about the MCM Expo here before, but here is the first piece from my more extensive coverage over at Den of Geek. More to come, but this is a good place to start, with some general remarks and a photo gallery.

Near the beginning, there was worry that the MCM Expo, held at the Excel Centre in London over the 24th-25th October, could have been re-dubbed, after a notorious goth-baiting blog, 'cosplayers in wet weather'.

It started at London Bridge tube-station, stepping onto the east-bound train to be faced with a spotty youth dressed as Final Fantasy VIII character Squall Leonhart, who had hastily wrapped his imposing gunblade in a big black bin liner, to protect it from the morning drizzle. Changing to the DLR, those not in costume were in the tiny, slightly awkward minority, and Expo fever had set in - with one twinkly-eyed teen crying 'Oh no! I forgot to make a Free Hugs sign!'. At Expo, human contact is encouraged.

The MCM Expo makes a claim to be the largest event for all things geeky in the UK, covering Anime, Manga, Sci-Fi, TV, Movies, Games and Comics. And, if the influx of excitable attendees - who swarmed the aircraft-hangar sized exhibition centre in the sparkly clean, regentrified wasteland of the old London Docklands - is anything to go by, it is also one of the most popular. A press release issued not long after the event totalled the amount of visitors at 38,366. That's more than there were French at Agincourt!

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