Friday, 6 November 2009

[259] Idris Elba Interview

Second to last piece from my MCM Expo coverage for Den of Geek. I might not be the most emotionally invested fan of The Wire in the world, but I did enjoy this.

Idris Elba is the inspiration of many a mancrush. I blame The Wire, the HBO crime drama series that has developed a huge cult following over the last couple of years, fuelled by boxsets and breathless sharing of plaudits and praise. It is truly one of the most popular of the current crop of DVD-based 'water-cooler' series. In fact, it seemed a little anachronistic when BBC picked up the UK licence and started broadcasting the show earlier this year.

Even though Elba has enjoyed a long and varied career, it was his appearance as Stringer Bell, the suave, business-minded head of a drug gang, that brought him to greater prominence. He was attending the MCM Expo in order to promote The Losers, an upcoming film adaptation of the Vertigo graphic novel, by Andy Diggle and Jock, about a crack Special Forces team getting revenge on their previous CIA employers. He spoke about his involvement with The Losers, his dealings with Diggle, Jock, producer Joel Silver and director Sylvain White, as well as the beauty of Twitter, and how the film is going to feel "like Call of Duty 4".

Read the full article here.

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