Wednesday, 11 November 2009

[264] Harry Brown (dir. Daniel Barber, 2009) Review

This was the first - and only - screening I was able to take The Finnish Girl along to when we lived together. She didn't like the film, and I did (with some big reservations). Bonus, though - Michael Caine was at the screening! I had a complicated reaction to this film - but I think that it is worth seeing. Read my review below.

Michael Caine is having a stellar year. After appearing in the most crowd-drawing of blockbusting money spinners, The Dark Knight, in 2008, he has eased back into his part-time role as patron to the British independent cinema sector, with two roles that are testament to his real talent.

Back in May, he appeared in low-key drama Is Anybody There? as Clarence, an aging, dementia-suffering magician. Now, he stars in Harry Brown, another small-budgeted indie, this time a chilling thriller from first-time director Daniel Barber. Ostensibly billed as a 'modern urban western' by the creative and publicity teams, Harry Brown is a more complex melange of a film, just as much a showcase for Barber's versatility as Caine's acting.

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