Tuesday, 17 November 2009

[266] Laura Howell: Comic Pie / Tales from the Crust

I'm still rummaging through the pile of comics that I've picked up over the last couple of months. I'm hoping to eventually highlight a few, and post comments on them. Bear with me.

I met Laura Howell at the MCM Expo, and was immediately taken with her two minicomics Comic Pie and Tales from The Crust. Not that I tend to judge books by their covers, but, well, that's exactly what I did. They're awesome, humorous evocations of both EC Tales from the Crypt and Action Comics style cover images. Check them out!

Dodgy former photo, I know, but wow. The two books cherry-pick pieces from Howell's two Strip-A-Day Spectacular projects, from January 2007 and earlier this year respectively. Something immediately noticeable as you flick through the books is how versatile she is as an artist and storyteller. She easily slips from style-to-style, bringing intelligence and an often twisted sense of humour to a lot of the strips. Most are short, one-page pieces, but there are a couple of longer stories, such as the tale of a rat who discovers the meaning of life, or an autobiographical reminiscence about video shops and horror films.

Both books are chock-full of bonkers, brilliant stuff. It was only afterwards that I found out that Howell is a full-time contributor to The Beano, and created The Mighty M, about an aspiring rock band, that was my favourite strip in The (now defunct) DFC. Wholly impressive stuff! I can't wait to see more from her.

To find out more about Laura Howell, visit her site here, or read her webcomic about The Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan here.

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Dom said...

Amazing covers, especially the EC one. Wow!