Saturday, 12 December 2009

[274] Avatar (2009) Review

I realise it's been a little quiet around here of late. I have a couple of reviews waiting to be published at Den of Geek, but otherwise I have been engaged with postgraduate work, or The Finnish Girl visiting. I have so much to tell you about; maybe I'll splurge it in the last couple of weeks of the year.

This week I went to see Avatar, and attended the press junket. The interview material will be up next week, but my review is up now, thanks to weakly upheld embargoes. Check it out below.

Okay, breathe. Avatar is easily one of the most anticipated films of the year - and rightly so. It is a technological marvel, and a return to sci-fi filmmaking from a director that many of the writers, editors and readers of this site consider to be some sort of Cinematic Father Figure - a peddler of pure, imaginative wonderstuff. With James Cameron involved, there is a hope that this will offer something more nourishing, something different from the blockbuster geek fare that we have seen of late. And that's certainly true. So with my spoiler hat firmly on, we're going to wrestle with this huge, beautiful, radiant beast called Avatar.

Read the full review here.

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