Sunday, 20 December 2009

[280] Humpday (2008) Review

As Humpday is now on release in the UK, here's a review I wrote a couple of months ago for Screenjabber.

A glance at the synopsis - hell, even the poster - of Humpday will send off 'bromance' alarms. Indeed, its high concept plot about the relationships between male friends is trite and badly timed, as it enters a marketplace over-stuffed with films with high concept plots about the relationships between male friends. But, with a sharply observant script, and a roughshod charm, it manages to be stirring and probing, as opposed to tepid or hackneyed.

Married early-30s couple Ben (Duplass) and Anna (Delmore) are trying for a baby, when into their lives barges Andrew (Leonard), Ben's old college buddy. A Kerouac-worshipping free spirit, Andrew manages, in no time, to hook up with a group of local bohemian artists and, after entangling Ben in their dope-and-drink-fuelled shenanigans, the duo make a hasty drunk-and-stoned pledge: that they would create an entry for an amateur porn film competition together.

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