Monday, 21 December 2009

[281] Lynn Shelton Interview

And now that Humpday is out at the cinemas, I can gladly link again to the interview I conducted with director and writer Lynn Shelton. A kind, intelligent lady with a broad, infectious smile. Shelton was a great interview; I was especially happy to get her views on the American independent cinema scene, and was thrilled to chat with her about Stardust Memories, one of my favourite Woody Allen films. Check it out below.

As her latest film, Humpday, opens across the UK, Michael Leader speaks with Lynn Shelton, writer, director and producer of the 'bromantic comedy', starring Mark Duplass and Joshua Leonard as two best friends, who decide to film a porn film together on a 'mutual dare'. Shelton, recipient of the Someone to Watch Award at the Independent Spirit Awards, and the Grand Jury Prize for Spirit of Independence at the Sundance Film Festival, gives us great insight into contemporary independent cinema, her influences, and the importance of both film festivals and digital distribution for filmmakers on a budget.

Read the full article here.

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